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Livestreaming Industry in 2021 and Beyond

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Video streaming has continued to thrive and increased its popularity since its inception and is expected to account for internet traffic of up to 82% by 2022.

With the growing innovation of new technologies such as  mobile device penetration and increased bandwidth, there is a greater likelihood that livestreaming will continue to develop even faster.

Livestreaming has helped so many business owners to grow their business with a lot of customers as well as conversions. However, the question now is for how long can livestreaming remain on this success trajectory?

For this reason, the livestreaming competition market is getting immense and viewers can choose from a huge number of services, but these services have to remain valuable to keep their audience.

Livestreaming gained its breakthrough during the lockdown as so many families around the world had to entertain themselves while staying at home due to isolation.

As a result, this spurs them to search for possible ways of being entertained, thereby skyrocketing livestreaming services. It is expected that in the nearest future, the digital video time spent by an adult in the US will be about 108 minutes.

There are so many online streaming sites as well as applications like Roku that have made livestreaming enjoyable to viewers.

According to a research, the OTT streaming market has continued to rise globally from the sum of $104 billion in 2019 to $161.37 billion in 2020. As a result, it has provided a CAGR of 55%.

Below are key trends to look for in the livestreaming industry in 2021 and beyond:

1. Ultra-High Definition (4K) TVs

This is one of the highest levels of high-definition video quality currently available in the market. It is the latest and most appealing form of livestreaming available for viewers. For this reason, so many livestreaming sites have integrated the premium 4K content into their services, to offer the best watching experience to their customers.

This is designed to cater for individuals who prefer HD movies, however, it does not affect the availability of normal movies as other viewers prefer to watch them conserve data for future purposes. Hence, you can decide to watch movies on any video quality of your choice on our platform.

2. Illegal Content

Illegal content has begun to shape the livestreaming industry. The growth of the

Presently, consumers across the globe prefer live video services over the traditional TVs which are in use up to this day. Based on research, the number of cord-cutters is on the rise worldwide, especially in this pandemic era.

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