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The Growing Popularity of Livestreaming in the 21st Century

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The world of marketing has continued to evolve, and this has left marketers always on their toes seeking new concepts to reach out to their customers and also spread brand awareness. One of the major concepts that continue to gain traction in content marketing is livestreaming.

Marketing companies have been able to utilize livestreaming platforms and have found success in growing their brands and business. However, not every streaming site will work for your business no matter how the popularity of the site.

Hence, make sure you do a background check of the streaming platforms in the market before choosing a site that will enable you to grow your business or brand.

Livestreaming is Growing Fast

As a business owner, we advise that you pay close attention to live-streaming and even integrate it into your marketing strategies as it has a large user base and it continues to gain more popularity.

With the right livestreaming strategies, you can make thousands of new customers or more with just a click of a button. In a nutshell, live marketing is a news outlet that helps you drive more traffic to your business.

Good livestreaming platforms such as Livpush provides users with an overall good customer service experience.

Some of it’s exciting features that will help to drive more revenue to your business include multi-streaming, seamless live chat with customers, and so many others.


Now that we’ve established the importance of livestreaming, we are sure that so many business owners are interested in using the livestream for their company. And this is because you now understand the potential impact livestreaming can have on your brand’s growth.

However, what platform does a business owner use, as there are so many ways to live-stream content? Before one decides that, you have to put some factors into consideration especially if you’re a start-up company.

Factors like your budget, platforms that give you value for your money, platforms with the best returns, and so on. Also, you can livestream using social media or websites like YouTube.

Research has shown that Facebook Live is the most-watch livestream platform on social media due to its large user base. However, Facebook Live is single channeled even though it is free.

We recommend that you livestream using your social media platform with a great number of followers. But if you do not have any of such, we recommend that you go for cheap livestreaming sites that are customer-centric, seamless, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate like Livepush.

Livepush streaming service is a multi-streaming service that is customer-eccentric and is easy to use.

The site is mobile friendly and compatible on all devices to provide an enjoyable streaming experience to any user.


Just as technology continues to evolve with changes, so do marketing tactics fade over time. For this reason, there is a need to constantly integrate the trending forms of reaching out to customers and building your brand. Hence, we advise you to pay close attention to live-streaming.

Livestreaming is beneficial and easily accessible to anyone, which is why it is the best form of marketing right now.

The growth of the live-streaming industry is unprecedented and no business owner will want to be left out as it may end up affecting the potential growth of your business or brand. Luckily, livestreaming is not difficult to implement and can be integrated into your business immediately.

Therefore, find a livestreaming platform that works best for you and integrate it into your business cause you would not like to miss the benefits of live-streaming on your business. It can be via social media or websites as we mentioned earlier.

However we recommend that you leverage multi-streaming sites like Livepush.

Such a site will help you to make your contents available on different social media platforms at the same time, thereby capturing a larger user base when compared to single streaming channels.

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